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Congratulations to our 2020 commits

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Alberta Athletics Elite attended the PGF USA Nationals in Huntington Beach, California. We were the first ever team to represent Canada at this prestigious event two years in a row!

Our players were watched by hundreds of US college scouts and played against some of the top teams in the USA 

Our Vision



Alberta Athletics Elite offers Western Canadian athletes the ability to experience elite level coaching, training and playing in the USA over the fall/winter. The program prepares and helps promote players for collegiate level softball.

The Alberta Elite program prepares young athletes for the demands of collegiate level sport.  By participating in this program, athletes will gain an understanding of the expectations and demands of collegiate programs.  This will be a great aid to ensure that sport is what they would like to pursue.

Young athletes also gain the life experience of pushing their skills and abilities to be the best they can be, to participate on a team and learn the value of team roles and relying on each other. Also, players experience the mental toughness required to perform at a high level in competitive sports and the satisfaction of achieving a high level of success and accomplishment.


Alberta Elite provides a unique, high-level coaching and training experience, modelling the top US programs. 

This program is a fall/winter commitment.  Our season will begin October 4 and wrap up by the end of January for our training players and middle of February for our travel team.



Training – Top quality and leading edge training is the foundation of a great athlete.

Teamwork – Not only social and skill development, but being a good teammate is essential to the development of a complete athlete.

Toughness – Mental toughness and maturity are what sets an athlete apart, and what collegiate programs look for.  How the athlete reacts to adversity, takes on challenges, and maintains a strong positive work ethic are the foundation of a successful athlete.

Respect – in the Alberta Elite program, respect is earned and maintained among coaches, players, parents and all stakeholders.  How we treat each other defines how we will be treated in our athletic lives and beyond.

Athletics elite

Softball Academy 

Conveniently located in Central Alberta

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