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  • What is the focus of the academy?
    The focus is to mentally and physically train at a level so that the players are prepared and capable of being recruited to an appropriate school that meets the players needs.
  • How will the academy be governed? How will decisions be made?
    This academy is modelled after a California Academy and will be operated under the same model. The Alberta Elite board will set all policy for the academy.
  • Is the academy trying to compete with existing softball clubs?
    The academy is focused on helping players who want to pursue softball at a collegiate level only. The level of intensity and training is not for players who do not have interest in scholarships or preparing for college coaching. Our focus is to provide a service that currently does not exist in Canada. We feel we enhance clubs by offering advanced fall/winter training and recruitment guidance.
  • What if I have other after school commitments?
    The academy is looking for fully committed players for the Elite team. The goal of the academy is to prepare you for collegiate level coaching and playing, therefore, the more time you can dedicate to your development, the higher chance you will have of being recruited. Please be honest about your other commitments at the start of the season so the team can evaluate and make a plan suited for you.
  • Do I have to have a parent with me when I travel?
    If travel is required, we recommend that parents travel with and support the team, but in cases when this is not possible, parents may want to coordinate with coaches and or another team family. Parents should also review documentation requirements for players traveling alone to prevent any possible issues crossing the border.
  • Do I have to travel with the team?
    No, if travel is required, you have the freedom to book flights that work best for your budget and schedule.
  • Should I have travel insurance?
    If traveling outside of Canada, it is always a good idea to have the best travel insurance for your budget. The club does have team travel insurance and additional options are available for purchase.
  • How are accommodations and food being handled?
    Families will be responsible for their own accommodation, food and vehicles unless group travel is designated for a trip.
  • Does the academy help with recruiting?
    This organization will specialize in helping players understand the recruiting process. A team recruiting service is offered as a part of Alberte Elite Senior team membership based on need and recruitment timeline. With the academy's extensive network of USA coaches, we feel comfortable consulting and advising possible schools for our players in a transparent manner.
  • Will I only be playing the position I register for?
    Not necessarily, you will be placed where your strengths best help the team and where you will have the greatest chance at success as a collegiate athlete.
  • How often are USA coaches involved? What will these coaches bring to the academy?
    We will be in consultation weekly. Development weekends will be run where our guest coach provides valuable instruction and development work.
  • My daughter has a private coach- How can I make sure her travel coach is not contradicting what is already being taught.
    Please ensure that the academy knows your daughter is receiving private coaching It is important to discuss with your private instructor what specific skills he/she would like the travel coach to reinforce in practice and communicate this to the travel coach.
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